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You have taken the noble cause of educating others. We know your passion is educating your students and uplifting them. Managing your institution comes with a lot of administrative work that takes up valuable time. At Payil, we have made it easy to run your institution, manage registrations, accept payments, create course and evaluation materials, schedule classes, track student progress, etc. Our discussions board makes online learning fun and interactive. Your students can chat with their instructors and fellow students in a safe environment that encourages learning.


Take your institution to the cloud by creating courses, scheduling classes, assigning instructors and uploading assignments and learning materials. Managing content for different classes and setting up discussions is easy.


Setup custom registration questions, review applications and payment status online. With the integrated payment processing solution, students can pay their fees right from the app and you can manage the payments.


Create quizzes and other tests online and have the system automatically evaluate test results. Create custom rules for grading students and monitor the progress by measuring lead and lag measures.


As a business owner you can see how your business is doing at a glance. Get insights to your financial performance and have the most relevant information consolidated to you in the dashboard. Your instructors/tutors will see the most important information about their classes and how their students are doing.

Manage registrations
Insights of financial performance


Easily upload course materials, evaluation materials and schedule classes. The intuitive widget makes it easy to perform these tasks easily so you can focus on developing world class course material. Students can mark when they have completed each study material and instructors can easily view their performance.

Upload learning materials
Manage schedule
Daily planner


You can schedule a test in advance and have the system send the test to the students and score it automatically. Your course content writers can easily choose various options, multiple choice questions, essay questions, etc. Test results can be scheduled to be available at a predetermined time or immediately after the test.

Upload evaluation/test materials
Schedule the tests
Setup grading rules

Daily brief

Easily schedule and send daily messages or quizzes or inspirational messages to keep your students engaged and learn continuously.

Assign class materials

You can assign different materials to different classes. When a course is offered at different times through different classes, you can set different due dates for each class for the same materials making it easy to customize course content for each class.

Schedule one on one classes

When students need individual attention they can request one on one classes with instructors. Instructors set their availability and approve requests. This is a great way to provide the individual attention and get to know the students better.


Administrators can set up class schedules and add links to online video calls for seamless integration with video calling services. Students can see their class schedule, assignment due dates, daily planner and one on one schedules from a single view.


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